Jamia Islamia darul-Uloom, Detroit was established in 1998. Alhamdulillah through the mercy and grace of Allah (SWT) 32 huffaz have already graduated. We provide Islamic education (Hifz course,Alim course and Maktab) along with home schooling. We recently hired female teachers to teach girls separately. We currently have 200 full time and part time students. Our Muslim community is increasing very rapidly, and without the monetary support towards educational facilities, our children will be deprived of acquiring the most needed knowledge of Islam. Alhamdulillah through the mercy and grace of Allah (SWT) Jamia Islamia Darul-Uloom Detroit project of construction of a new building and acquiring additional parking space is moving forward with your support. This project cannot be completed without your continued financial commitment.


The first phase and a part of the second phase of construction is complete with the cost of $447,000. In order to continue the second phase and complete it, additional funds of $350,000 is needed.  3) Third phase of our construction will be to renovate the old building, covering 25,000 sq.ft , an area covering 2.6 acres. The cost is estimated at about $250,000.00

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